Gates open 45 minutes prior to first scheduled game of the day. Gate opening and game times can be delayed due to weather or field conditions at the Pima County Stadium District discretion.


  • Daily Rate: 18 and over $10.00/person/day
  • 4 Day Tournament Pass: 18 and over $32.00/person (passes will be sold only on the first day)
  • Cash or credit card accepted at the gate. Personal checks not accepted.
  • Re-entry is permitted provided that day’s ticket or tournament pass is shown to the gate attendant.
  • Lost ticket or pass will require purchase of another daily ticket or tournament pass.
  • Transportation service for the elderly and/or handicap is provided from the gate to the fields and return back after the games are completed.


Each team is to register via e-mail to with list of coaches prior to the start of the tournament to receive Coach Pass that must be shown to security/gate attendant.


Multi tunnel open air batting cage is available on first come first serve basis as teams enter the complex. Players must wear batting helmets at all times while in the cage.


  • Outside food of any type not permitted.
  • Outside beverage (soda) not permitted.
  • Personal coolers are not permitted.
  • Bottle water is permitted.
  • Power drink is permitted
  • Coffee is permitted
  • Each dugout will have one (1) cooler with ice and water provided along with cups as long as supplies last. If coolers are required to be replenished, the coach is to contact the Kino Baseball League representatives or Tournament officials and a representative from the county or Kino Baseball League will come and get the cooler replenished.
  • Players are permitted to bring in their own food and beverage.
  • No Alcohol


Full concession service menu provided.

HYDRATION very important. Tucson temperatures in September is warm and water consumption is important. Players are recommended to bring water jug with them to each game. Additional water is provided in the dugout.


Bring plenty of sun screen and apply daily. The September Arizona sun is still intense, even on a cloudy day.


Only licensed service animals are permitted. If the animal is not licensed service, the animal will not be admitted.


There are covered bleacher seating at all fields. Personal lawn chairs, umbrellas and pop up tents are permitted. Tents are not permitted to be staked into the ground.


is prohibited inside the Kino Sports Complex. TRAINER: There will be an athletic trainer on site each day any spectator or player injury. Players are encouraged to see the trainer if they require to be taped prior to a game or have arm iced down at the end of the game.


Will be provided for each game. Teams are responsible for any foul balls that go out of play on their side of the field and return back to the umpire in a timely manner.


  • Teams are responsible for clean-up and removal of trash into dugout receptacle after their game has been completed.
  • After game is completed and dugout has been cleaned up, teams are to move out of the dugout and off the field. There are to be no post-game meetings on the field.
Kino Sports Complex