NCS and Pinstripe Sports tournaments that are held at Metro Tucson area parks are municipal owned (City of Tucson and Pima County) the following policies are in effect.

  • There is no admission charged at municipal parks.
  • Restrooms are available.
  • Bleacher seating is available.
  • Pop Up tents, lawn chairs are permitted
  • Coolers are permitted.
  • Food and beverage are permitted.
  • In some parks, concessions may be available
  • Alcohol is prohibited to be on the premise, and this includes the parking lot and within the park confines.  Violators subject to local law being enforced.
  • Noise makers not permitted.
  • Music permitted but must be at comfortable decibel level and must be turned off prior to the first pitch of the inning.
  • When you are done, please collect your trash and dispose of into the nearest trash receptacle.


Tournament officials and others will be monitoring conditions and compliance with safety and health plan. There could be times that you may be given a reminder if you stray away from the safety requirements. 

If anyone becomes belligerent and does not wish to comply with the practices, then they will be asked to leave the facility.  If refusal to leave the facility is an option that the individual takes, then law enforcement can be contacted to come and escort off the facility.

Any further disciplinary action will be determined by the tournament director and officials of Kino Baseball League.

  • Face covering (Pima County and City of Tucson ordinance 6/2020) is required when physical distancing cannot be maintained.   This ordinance is for all players, coaches, and spectators.
  • Physical Distancing:  Spectators are to spread out (six to ten feet), and if the park lay out warrants it, spread out down the first and third base foul lines and into the outfield to maintain physical distancing.
  • Bleacher seating:  Physical distancing is required when sitting in the bleachers.
  • Periodic hand washing is recommended.