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The following rules and policies are for Tucson, Arizona tournaments and may not be applicable at other National Championship Sports (NCS) tournaments or World Series sites.
Official Baseball Rules (OBR) shall apply with the following inclusions:

All Baseball Tournaments age divisions up to 18U will use the May 1, 2021 Age Cutoff Date. To determine your team’s age, determine your oldest player’s age as of April 30th. Player participating in a division cannot turn the next age before May 1st. Example: Player in 10U division cannot turn 11
before May 1st or he is too old for that division and must play in the 11U division. Players may play up but not down in age.

Teams that participate in the Kino Baseball/NCS Tournaments are required to register their Team and post the team roster on the NCS website.
All players names must be listed as FIRST and LAST name ONLY as they appear on the players birth certificate.

If you are a parent or a guardian, you can edit the players name in your login. DO NOT ADD “nick names” or suffixes (i.e., Jr or IV).
Listing player names in any other format could make the player ineligible to play.
The parent or legal guardian of the player must be listed as the contact and sign the player

Team using illegal players (i.e., player being too old for a division) shall be subject to discipline ranging from forfeiting a game to possibly ejection from the Tournament with possible future sanctions imposed by NCS Western Region.

In the event a team is playing with a non-roster player(s) (not listed on the NCS roster), the player(s) in the game will be removed from the game.

The first violation will result in a warning. A second violation during the same tournament will result in the team forfeiting game(s) that the illegal player participated in.

Any team using illegal players (i.e. – player being too old for division) shall be subject to discipline ranging from forfeiting a game too possible disqualification from the tournament and possible future sanctions imposed by NCS Western Region.

All teams that participate in the Kino Baseball/NCS Tournaments are required to have liability insurance with a limit of not less than:

Each Occurrence $2,000,000
Damage to Rented Property $1,000,000
Participant Liability $2,000,000
Personal & Adv Injury $2,000,000
Participant Liability $2,000,000
General Aggregate $2,000,000

The liability policy shall endorse “Kino Baseball League.”

The Kino Baseball League, National Championship Sports, Tucson Sports LLC, and all other associated sponsors will not be responsible for damage to loss of personal property belonging to the team.

The team insurance shall be primary insurance and any insurance carried by the Kino Baseball League and its associated sponsors shall be considered non-contributory with respect to all other available sources. And for insurance policies where the Kino Baseball League is named as additional
insure, Kino Baseball League and its sponsors shall be an additional insure for the full limit of liability purchased by the team even if those limits of liability are in excess of those required by this participation.

Team is responsible for having certificate of insurance in their possession while participating in the tournament.

One (1:00) hour before your first game time. Your team must have the following items:
(A) Official NCS Team Roster Form uploaded online,
(B) Valid team insurance with team name as insured & Kino Baseball League listed as additionally insured uploaded online,
(C) Copies of birth certificates for all participating players. **Please Note: Any player without birth certificate is not eligible to play until copy of birth certificate, or some other acceptable (i.e.-passport, student identification card) proof of age is produced and approved by tournament director. Player age documentation must be present with team manager for the duration of any given tournament.

10u Division: 46 ft pitching distance/60 ft base distance.
11u Division: 50 ft pitching distance/70 ft base distance.
12u Division: 50 ft pitching distance/70 ft base distance.
13U/80 Division: 54 ft pitching distance/80 ft. base distance
13U/90 Division: 60’6” pitching distance/90 ft. base distance.
14U Division and above: 60’6” pitching distance/90 ft base distance.

Team Managers are required to report and verify their scores immediately following completion of all pool play games during the tournament. Please verify the accuracy of the score before signing the score card, that game score will be reported to the Site Director. If you see an incorrect score on the bracket, please report the error to the Site Director immediately following your game. All scores are viewable on the website.


  1. Total Record (Won-Loss-Tie-Points)
  2. Head-to-Head (Moves onto Runs Allowed with 3 OR more teams)
  3. Runs Allowed
  4. Run Differential
  5. Runs Scored
  6. Coin toss

Win-Loss-Tie and Point system to include:
Wins = 3 points
Tie = 1 point

Players are required to have matching-colored jerseys, wear baseball pants (no shorts), cap (no visors).
Players are required to have a number on the back of their jersey.
If there are duplicated numbers than the manager on the line-up card is required to put a “letter” next to the duplicated jerseys. Example: 24A, 24B.
If there is no number on a jersey, then that player wearing such a jersey is not eligible to play in the game.

Coaches are required to dress appropriately, and the Tournament Director or umpire has the authority to ban a coach from being on the field if the coach’s uniform is not appropriate in message, style, or language.

During all games, team is permitted a max of 3 coaches, 1 head coach and 2 assistant coaches, will be allowed. The coaching staff may not exceed a total of 3 coaches at any time during any game at any age division. All assistant coaches must be listed on the teams NCS roster and in addition no one
other than official coaches and players are allowed in the dugout at any time.

The individual from the coaching staff that attends the pre-game meeting at home plate will be recognized by the umpires as the only one allowed to appeal to the umpires during game and all conversations with an umpire should be conducted after a time out has been called and be held in a
calm and professional manner.
Verbal abuse or threatening gestures towards an umpire is unacceptable and is subject to ejection.
Other coaches not recognized by the umpires that attempt to appeal to the umpires are subject to

Wood bats are permitted in all age divisions.
10u-11u-12U: Metal baseball bats stamped either USA or 1.15 BPF. No weight drop restriction.

13U 54/80 Division and below: metal baseball bats manufactured for baseball must be stamped with the 1.15 BPF certification or USA stamped -8 drop or BBCOR.
14U thru 18U Division (Including 13U 60/90): -3 bats only. All -3 bats must be stamped with the BBCOR stamp. Wood bats are permitted in all age divisions. Penalty for use of illegal bat will be out.
2nd offense will result in ejection of offending player.

NOT PERMITTED: Metal Bats with 2 ¾” barrel diameter is not permitted.

If an illegal bat is discovered after a fair batted ball and before the next pitch legal/illegal or play, the offended coach has the option of selecting the outcome of the play or the penalty. If he chooses the penalty then the batter is out, bat removed, and all runners return to the base legally occupied at the time of the pitch.
Should a second infraction occur, then the manager is ejected, and the offended coach gets to choose the outcome of the play or the penalty again as stated. NOTE: There shall be no penalty for discovery of an illegal bat until a fair batted ball occurs. If an illegal bat is discovered during the ab, the bat is then removed from the game.

Six (6) innings maximum in a game.
Eight (8) innings maximum for a tournament.
13u Division
Seven (7) innings maximum in a game.
Nine (9) innings maximum for a tournament.
14U Division and Above:
No innings limitations. Coaches are to monitor pitch counts for the safety of pitcher arms.
Once a pitch is thrown it becomes officially an inning charged. There are no inning fractions

PENATLY: Use of an illegal pitcher will result in an immediate forfeit.
PENALTY: Use of an ineligible pitcher will result in the head coach being ejected from the game (plus one additional game) and the ineligible pitcher must be removed from the mound. If the use of an ineligible player happens in a championship game, the ineligible pitcher and head coach will be ejected.
Definition: An illegal pitcher is over age or not on the team NCS roster by the event lock date.

Definition: An ineligible pitcher is a pitcher that has exceeded their maximum pitching limitations.

Three (3) total trips to the mound during a game is permitted. On the 3rd trip the pitcher is to be removed from the mound and if is eligible is permitted to play another defensive position.
Two (2) trips in the same inning to the same pitcher, the pitcher is removed from the mound and if eligible is permitted to play another defensive position.
Will be called.
The pitcher while in contact with the pitching plate, feints a throw to first or third base and fails to complete the throw will be called a balk.
The ball becomes dead and runners advance one based when a balk is committed.
Manager tells the home plate umpire to put the batter on first base at any point during the count or before any pitches are thrown.


Team must field a minimum of 9 players to start game.
If a team has less than 9 players at game time it is forfeit. There is no “grace” period.
Team that has no eligible substitutes remaining and cannot finish the game with the minimum eight (8) players, the game is declared a forfeit at that point.

Team may elect to bat:
9 batters
9 batters with Extra Hitter (EH) (Total of 10 hitters)
Continuous batting order is only permitted for 10U Division.
The team manager at the pre-game meeting must declare that they are using the Extra Hitter (EH).
The extra hitter (EH) can go into the game defensively with any of the other players in the lineup or any eligible substitutes may become the Extra Hitter (EH).
If there are no further eligible substitutes and a team bats ten (10) and a player either leaves the game on his own accord or is injured or is ejected an “out” will be recorded each time that spot in the batting order comes up to bat.
Once the game begins there is no changing the batting order.

A starting player can be removed from the game (one time) and is eligible to return to the game but must do so in the same spot in the batting order. Moving batters up and down in the line-up is not
A substitute that is removed from the game is no longer eligible to return.
All substitutions during the game must go through the home plate umpire who will in turn notify the game’s official scorer.
NOTE: In the event of a player being injured during the course of a game and the injured player cannot continue and the team has no more players with eligibility (subs have been used) the last declared substitute used by respective team then will be allowed to sub for the injured player. No outs
are declared at this point. This exception is used to promote player safety and in the spirit of fair play.

A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher at any time.
Courtesy runner can only run once in an inning and must be a player not presently in the game/lineup.
The same runner may not run for both the pitcher and the catcher in the same inning.
Courtesy runner for the catcher with two outs is mandatory. (This is also referred to as the “Speed Up
Rule which is intended to assist in speeding the game along to help ensure that teams get their full
game in.)
The runner cannot be a player who is or was in the game, even if they are a starter with re-entry remaining. If the team has no substitutions remaining, then the last batted out can be used as a courtesy runner.

Must be turned in to Home Plate Umpire at or before Home Plate meeting and before the beginning of each game. All players participating in game must be entered on official team line-up card to be eligible to participate in game. Note: Any players arriving after start of game must be listed on the
team line-up card that is turned in to the umpires prior to the start of the game to be eligible to play.

The line-up card must consist of player uniform number, last name and first initial. NO NICKNAMES.
List all players that are on the team roster to avoid any issues.

Official game time begins at the conclusion of the Umpires/Managers Home Plate meeting.
Umpires are the official clock and that is what the game time limit will go by. Coaches, spectators cell phone clocks or any other clock device is not recognized.

Managers are to have their team ready to play immediately following the completion of the preceding game. For the benefit of all participants in the tournament, it is the desire to keep all games going off on time even if that includes beginning your game prior to the scheduled game time start.
Pool Play: Pool play games official game time limit for 10U-12U is 6 innings with no new inning after 1 hour 45 minutes (whichever comes first) with a two-hour drop-dead time limit.
13U thru 18U will play 7 innings with no new inning after two hours, with a drop dead of 2 hours and
10 minutes.
**If Drop-Dead time limit is reached then the score will revert- back to the previous complete inning’s score. Note: In the case that the home team ties the score in the last inning of play the score will remain tied & will not revert- back to the last inning score.
Ties count in pool play games. Unsportsmanlike game delays are solely at the discretion of the UIC in game and may result in the ejection of offending coach.
Championship Games: game time limit for 10UU-12U is 1:45 hours. If after 1:45 hours a winner has
not been decided a tie breaker will be put in place until a winner is decided.
13U-18U is 2:00 hours. If after 2 hours a winner has not been decided, then a tie breaker will be put in place until a winner is decided limit.
California tie breaker – Starting the new inning in overtime a runner (last out) will be placed at second base (with no outs) and full innings will be played until a winner is determined.

A maximum of 90 seconds or 5 warm up pitches, whichever comes first) will be allowed between innings with timing started upon the 3rd out. The umpire shall keep time.
Automatic strikes may be called on an offensive team not ready, after the umpire has directed teams to play.
Additionally, if the defensive team is not ready to begin play when umpire commences play with may
be accessed automatic “balls”.
If an injury requires an emergency pitching change, the new pitcher will have 10 minutes maximum for warm up, during which time the game clock shall be stopped.

20 runs after 1 inning
15 runs after 2 innings
12 runs after 3 innings
10 runs after 4 innings
8 runs after 5 innings
8 runs after 6 innings (13U-14U and above)

6 inning game = 3 innings or 2.5 if the home team is ahead; 7 inning game = 4 innings or 3.5 innings if the home team is ahead will constitute a complete game during inclement weather, light failure or any other situation that is beyond the control of the tournament.
If the game has not reached the required inning for a complete game, the game will be resumed from the point the game was suspended.

BASE RUNNERS: (All Divisions)
Runners are permitted to lead off bases.

THIRD STRIKE: (All Divisions)
Batter may run to first base on a third strike providing:
First base is not occupied.
If first base is occupied with less than 2 outs, the batter is not permitted to run on a third strike that is dropped or missed by the catcher.
With two (2) outs and a third strike is dropped or missed by the catcher, the batter is permitted to run to first base.

ON-DECK BATTERS: (All divisions)
Only one (1) batter is permitted outside the dugout awaiting to hit.

Adult coaches permitted.
If a player is used as a base coach, the player must be wearing a batting helmet.

Requires live ball appeal prior to the next pitch or next play.

The home team is determined by a coin flip between the two managers.
The home team is responsible for providing the game’s official scorer who is required to be identified to the umpires and opposing team manager at the pre-game meeting.

Dugouts are on a first come, first serve basis.
Only players listed on the NCS roster are permitted in the dugout.
Maximum three (3) coaches are permitted in the dugout.
NO BUCKETS, CHAIRS permitted outside the dugout.
Maximum two (2) coaches are permitted to stand outside the dugout when the team is on defense, but they must remain within the parameters of the length of the dugout as defined by the umpires at the pre-game plate meeting, and they are not permitted to “wander” during the game.
The umpires will give one (1) warning to the coach(s) that are in violation.
Any subsequent violations during a game, the individuals that are in violation will be restricted to the bench for the remainder of the game, and the team will not be permitted any additional coaches to take their place outside of the dugout.

The Tournament Director will provide four (4) new game baseballs for every game.
Teams will be required to provide additional good used baseballs if requested by the home plate umpire.
Teams are responsible for retrieving foul balls that are batted out of play on their side of the field.

A runner may slide in any direction away from the fielder to avoid making contact or altering the play of the fielder. Runners are never required to slide, but if a runner elects to slide, the slide must be legal. If contact is made on either side of the bag or behind the bag, the ball is immediately dead. The runner is out, interference is called, and the batter/runner is also called out.

When there is a collision between a runner and a fielder who is clearly in possession of the ball, the umpire shall judge whether the collision was avoidable and whether the runner was attempting to dislodge the ball or simply attempting to reach the base.
If the runner is judged to have attempted to intentionally dislodge the ball, the runner shall be called “Out”, the ball is dead, and all runners return to their last base touched at the time of the interference.
Any player, in the judgment of the umpire, flagrantly collides with any fielder is subject to immediate ejection. Any player ejected from a game is subject to an additional one game suspension at the Tournament Director’s discretion.

Only rule book interpretations can be protested not judgment calls (safe, out, fair, foul, ball, or strike) Protest must be made to the home plate umpire prior to the next pitch or the next play. Once a pitch
is thrown, protests are not permitted.
The protesting manager must submit $50.00 retainer to the Tournament Director that will be held until a final decision is rendered.
The umpires and Tournament Director will meet to review the rule. The decision is final.
If the protest is upheld the $50.00 retainer is returned to the manager.
If the protest is denied the protesting manager loses the $50.00.
There are no protests accepted after a game has been completed.
All decisions made by the Tournament Director and the umpires is final.

SAFETY: (All divisions unless otherwise noted)
Metal cleats are prohibited for age divisions 12U and younger.
Metal cleats are prohibited while pitching on a portable mound.
Batters must wear double ear flap while awaiting to bat, at bat, as a base runner and when acting as a coach on the base lines.
Skull catcher cap helmets are NOT PERMTTED.
Catcher helmet must cover both ears and back of the head and have extended throat guard.
Catcher while warming up the pitcher must wear catcher helmet/mask.
Adult coaches are permitted to warmup the catcher and are not required to wear a catcher mask.
Chrome batting helmets NOT PERMITTED
Any batting helmet that is cracked, missing protection pads, tape or any other item that prevents the helmet from being safe, the umpires have the authority to have such a helmet removed from the game.
Team logos on the batting or catcher helmet are permitted.
Any metal bat that is dented or painted with non-manufacturing paint or appears to be unsafe for use as deemed in the judgement of the umpire will be removed from the game. Teams responsible for having a first aid kit in the dugout to attend to minor injuries.
Hydration: Players and coaches are to bring an adequate amount of water to stay properly hydrated throughout the day.

With exception of Medical Alert bracelets, jewelry or any type of adornment is prohibited to be worn
by the players.
A warning is issued to each team if there is a violation during the game.
Subsequent violations in the same game will result in the ejection of the player who is in violation of the rule.

Kino Baseball League, Pinstripe Sports, NCS prohibits the use of tobacco products on all fields and dugouts. These products include but not limited to: E-cigarettes, vapors, cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco). This rule applies to all field personnel which includes managers, coaches, players, and umpires.
Any individual that is in violation of this rule will be ejected from the field (this include an umpire).

The use of alcohol is prohibited and is subject to the laws of Pima County, Arizona in the parking lot.
Alcohol beverages are prohibited from being brought into park facilities.


  1. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, and supporters. If during a game the umpire requests the manager to assist in any issues with parents or supporters such a request is to be complied with. If a manager refuses to comply with the umpire request will be ejected from the game.

2. Coach ejected from a game shall be required to immediately leave the field and go directly to the parking lot and be out of sight and out of mind.
a) Failure to leave the field or does not leave the facility and go directly to the parking lot will result in automatic disqualification from the remainder of the tournament.
CLARIFICATION: Coach is not permitted to be on site (parking lot), in the facility or on the field.
b) The tournament director based on the umpire report on whether the ejected coach can continue to coach the next scheduled game, or if additional disciplinary action is required (i.e., game suspensions).

3. Player that is ejected from a game will have the option of remaining in the dugout or be removed and leave the field by their parent(s) or legal guardian.
a) The tournament director will determine if additional disciplinary action is required based on the umpire report.

a) Local law enforcement will be contacted.
b) Coaches/parents/spectators involved will be disqualified from further participation in the tournament and banned from future Kino Baseball, Pinstripe Sports, Tucson Leagues, LLC and NCS tournaments.
c) Any physical altercations in the parking lot, or on the field will result in immediate disqualification of the individuals involved.
d) Involved individuals will be responsible for the payment of any fines or legal action that is taken.

5. Alcoholic drinking before and in between games by any coach or suspected will be disqualified from the remainder of the tournament.

6. Any individual with outside alcohol/drugs including in the parking lots at all venues be removed from the park by local law enforcement and will be responsible for any public penalties and fines associated with such violation.

7. Obscene gestures and profane language (coaches, players, parents, spectators) will result in the offenders being removed from the park. Failure to leave the property, the local law enforcement will be contacted to have the offender(s) removed from the facility.

8. Artificial noise makers are prohibited at Kino Baseball, Pinstripes Sports, NCS Tucson events.

9. Music is permitted to be played during non-live ball action however the volume is not heard by surrounding fields. The tournament director has the right to prohibit the use of music for the remainder of the tournament if it is deemed to high volume and an annoyance to the surrounding fields.

Pinstripe Sports website:
National Championship Sports website:
Official Baseball Rules website:

Lack of knowing, nor understanding the tournament rules, player eligibility requirement and policies is strictly on the team manager and coaching staff. If questions or clarifications on a rule or policy is required, then the manager has the responsibility to contact:

There are no agreements between team managers or with the umpires that alter or deviate from the rules and policies of the tournament. Only the Tournament Director or officials of Kino Baseball League have the authority to alter or change a rule if it is deemed necessary.

Phone: 520-730-2506
Mailing Address: PO Box 89304, Tucson, Arizona 85752

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