NCS Game Day Instructions


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NCS TUCSON TOURNAMENT CONTACT:  Bill Leith           520-730-2506

Welcome to Tucson and NCS Tucson Tournaments as presented by Pinstripe Sports and the Kino Baseball League.  We look forward to your participation and we welcome our out -of -town guests. 

It is the mission of NCS Tucson Tournaments to provide a quality environment and event for our customers that include our players, coaches, and families with the hope that the experience is positive and that you will want to return.

The objective is to make sure that all players are eligible, and play the game safely, and that certain aspects of the game day is implemented and to assure that the game schedule stays on track.

The following is a list of requirements that are the standard for this tournament:

  • Maximum three (3) coaches per team are permitted in the dugout with the team.  Coaches must be listed on the team’s NCS roster.
  • Mike Jacobs Sports Park is a Pima County operated facility and admission is charged. $4.00 per person 13 and older per day. Sports Park policy is that two (2) coaches receive free admission.  The third coach is charged the $4.00 admission.  Players are free.
  • Teams are required to arrive at the tournament site and check in at the Tournament Command Center 1:00 hour prior to their schedule game time.

On Day 1 of the tournament the team manager is required to meet with tournament officials at the Command Center to present the following player documents for approval prior to the team’s first tournament game.

  • Team roster as listed on the NCS site.  Roster is frozen once team starts its first game. 
  • Copies of player proof of birth must match those listed on the roster.  Age Cutoff 5/1/21
    • Player not listed on the roster and or no proof of birth player is ineligible to play.
  • Certificate of Insurance

The tournament officials do not retain these documents.  Officials will review the documents and you will be issued a “Certificate of Eligibility” letter from the tournament stating that the team has met all tournament requirements and is eligible to play.  This certificate is to be maintained with your records for the duration of the tournament.

Manager is responsible for having in his/her possession the team and player documents during all tournament games.  Clarification:  Documents are not to be left in your vehicle.  Bring them to the field for each game.

Manager at check in will be issued three (3) line-up cards that is to be used for all games.  As the team advances in the bracket round additional line up cards will be issued.  At the plate meeting the top copy is given to the home plate umpire, a copy to the opposing team manager, copy to the game’s official scorer.

Game baseballs (4 per game) are provided by the tournament and issued to the umpires—not to the teams.  Teams are responsible for foul balls hit out of play on their side of the field.  If additional baseballs are needed the home plate umpire will ask for a “good used” baseball from each team.

Teams need to be at their assigned field minimum 30 minutes prior to game time and be ready to go as soon as the previous game has been completed.  There is no pre-game infield/outfield warm up permitted on the field.  Teams stretch, throw and prep for the game in the outfield.

In between innings if the catcher is on base and is not equipped out to catch, a coach (does not need catcher mask) or another player (wearing a catcher mask) is to go out and warm up the pitcher.  Umpires give teams 90 seconds between innings to be ready to go.

Pitchers that warming on the side, the catcher is required to be wearing a catcher’s mask.

At the conclusion of the game a member of each team’s coaching staff is to report to the tournament command center t verify the game’s final score and team pitching record.

There are no post-game meetings permitted on the field of play.  If you wish to have a team meeting do it off the field.  Collect equipment and remove any trash from the dugout generated during the game prior to leaving the field.

We ask that our guests who attend the game please police their area for trash and dispose of it before they leave the park.

Thank you for participating.